Jan 15, 2012

prayers of the innocent....

Hailey has been saying prayers at meals and bed for some time now.  Tonight, every time she started to pray, Aaron bumped her pink elephant.  This happened about 5 times.  When you bump or press the elephants nose... it sounds like this... "A-a-a-a-CHOOOO!"  Of coarse there was a bunch of giggling etc.  Finally, Hailey began her "nigh night prayer." Towards the end of her prayer, she said "and bless the elephant.... A-a-a-a-CHOOOO!" She got really loud while saying Achoo... just like her pink elephant does!  It was so stinking funny I laughed really hard (quietly in my head while shaking).  Aaron couldn't contain himself any longer so he accidentally let out a laugh.  It was so cute!! 

She's been asking Heavenly Father "Mommy stay home with HAILEY, YAY!"  For almost a week, Hailey has been asking Heavenly Father in all her prayers for me to stay home and not go to work.  I feel so guilty!  I want more than anything to be home with my daughter, but, I cannot because of our financial circumstances.  I try to explain to her that I have to go to work, but, she doesn't understand.  Of coarse she is just barely 3 years old and hopefully will understand soon.

She was a little better in primary today.  She's a very head strong and stubborn little girl who does NOT like to be told what to do!  Today was her third Sunday as a Sunbeam.  She only spent half of the time out of her chair.  She's keeping them on their toes!  She likes primary, but, doesn't do well yet with the structure.  She does like to be the center of attention.  Any chance she gets she'll smile and make faces at the whole primary while turned around in her chair, etc.  She LOVED that they sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes..." in singing time today.  She participated, sang, and giggled.  She just wants to do it all.

Our lease is up at the end of this month.  I spent many hours looking for a place to live, etc.  For the past few years, low-income housing has been closed because the waiting list has been so long.  They just opened up two complexes.  I rushed down and got ourselves on the waiting list.  I can't wait for regular housing right now and can't afford to miss the opportunity!  We'll see what happens.  Rent for the low income housing is 30% of your income.  For us that would be just under $200/month for rent.  It's a really nice two bedroom townhouse in downtown Boise.  Wish us luck!!

I have been searching diligently for a decent job!  Finally, I had the opportunity to interview with Scentsy.  I was in heaven... loved their office and would love the chance to work there.  Sounds like it went well!  Crossing my fingers.

I turned 35!!!!!

Hailey's 1st Birthday Party

Christmas 2009